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Knitink® is a completely modular and integrated system combining control, monitoring and information management. 

With this System, you will get the most advanced irrigation and fertirrigation control functionality, and at the same time, with the same tool, you can get an extremely powerful wireless monitoring network, able to get data every minute from any analog sensor placed as long as 3 km from the pump station, and concentrate all information, process it and send it to the Knitink® Universe Online App every 5 minutes, and/or send it, in an Open Data format, to your own ERP or server.

Knitink System

The Knitink® system has the most powerful information management capabilities that you can find in the market. All information regarding the irrigation and fertirrigation control, together with all the monitoring sensors information, is saved and processed every 1 minute, powered with a big data software tool.

It results in a user-friendly and time-saving integrated graphical management of all information, adapted to any mobile device or computer, including graphical indication of watering periods, watering programs and sectors, filter cleaning, manual or automatic activations, alerts...

Real time Knitink® Universe Multi-Farm online monitoring with geolocation, email alerts for any parameter registered and the Open-Data application, completes the most advanced information management tools you can find.

The Knitink® system can handle all irrigation and fertirrigation control together, including valve and pumps activation, filter cleaning, fertiliser tanks mixing, fertiliser injection control based on real volume measuring or EC control, pH control, multiple fertiliser tanks... Advanced control features while user friendly programming is a characteristic of this system. 

The system allows activation of programs using any sensor connected to the system, even when it´s wirelessly connected, perfectly controlling priorities and waiting lists. With this features, it can be perfectly defined as on-demand irrigation for substrate humidity control, a frost protection or a refreshing irrigation, among many other automatic control applications.

Knitink® System

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