Netafim Pulsar Frost Protection

Netafim Pulsar Frost Protection

Netafim have a fantastic frost protection system which is both cost-effective and efficient way to protect vineyards from spring frost.


Pulsar™ has a unique pressure compensating micro-sprinkler with a low flow rate. Applied at a rate of several pulses per minute, Pulsar™ creates a thin coating of ice on the trees, which releases latent heat and creates an "effective barrier" that protects them from freezing temperatures.

  • Cost-effective and water efficient frost protection
  • Allows reduction of emitters per hectare, while maintaining the required precipitation rate for frost mitigation
  • Ideal for vineyards


Why Pulsar™ Frost Protection?


  • Effective frost protection: Delivers several pulses of water per minute, ensuring continuous watering over a large area for many hours.
  • Water and energy efficient: Specially designed to use less than 50%-70% of the water required by full-coverage sprinkler systems, it protects larger areas with a given amount of water and saves energy consumption too.
  • Lowest system cost: Pulse technology enables great water coverage with the lowest possible flow rate – lowering operating costs by up to 30% compared to other systems.
  • Uniform water distribution, irrespective of topography: Achieves optimal results even with sloping terrain and long laterals due to a unique flow regulation mechanism.
  • Low maintenance, high performance: Pulsar emitters are simple to install and are made to withstand agrochemicals and adverse weather conditions.


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