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Auto Spraying Systems:

Automated spraying system for orchards, raspberries, strawberries and more…….

This is a static system that is easy to install and to maintain, it remains permanently in the orchard and is always ready for use. The areas to be sprayed will be divided into zones of up to 1 hectare and each zone will be connected to a central connection point. The system is fitted with Hadar mist sprayers with new high pressure nozzles for full coverage.

Benefits and advantages:

Ensures spray delivery to every point of the plant, maximising treatment accuracy.

Vastly reducing labour costs. For example, to spray a 10 hectare orchard using a standard tractor and sprayer would take 11 hours, while using the new system the work can be accomplished in 56 minutes! Cuts labour costs up to 80%

Reducing tractor movements through the orchards or tunnels. Reduce rutting or compacting the soil and reduce damage to the plants, fruit and crop blossom. Spraying can easily be carried out when the soil is wet or muddy.

Because spraying each zone is so quick, even a short period of calm weather is sufficient for completing the spraying. It can be used in moderate windy conditions.

The system reduces any damage to the grower, as the grower needs not to be in the area while spaying, thereby avoiding exposure to the spray toxins.

The system is also suitable for foliar application of fertilizers and micro-elements.

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Auto Spraying Systems

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